• Laser for Kazakhstan A1+ grade 6

A lively, motivating and interesting A1+ level book specifically designed with teenagers in mind, Laser A1+ provides comprehensive coverage of the grammar, vocabulary and skills required at A1+ level as well as focusing regularly on exam-type tasks.

Laser A1+ features

*Syllabus based on the A1+ level of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference

*Vocabulary sections covering topic-based vocabulary, collocations, phrasal verbs and word formation

*Phrase bank! sections presenting functional phrases and expressions

*Sound spot sections clarifying emphasis and stress patterns

*Detailed and structured writing planners

A part of Laser for Kazakhstan series. Also available for grades 7, 8 and 9.

Components: Teacher's book, Class Audio CDs

Laser for Kazakhstan A1+ grade 6

  • Модель: 9788381520409
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  • 5000 тг.

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УМК Laser пополнился двумя уровнями - A1+ и A2. Теперь УМК содержит пять уровней и готовит учащихся ..

9200 тг.